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 Ancient Mysteries: Uncover Earth’s Secrets  October 3 - 6 2024

Ancient Mysteries: Earth’s Secrets

October 3 - 6 2024, Venue: A.R.E. Headquarters 215 67th Street Virginia Beach, VA, 23451

Expand your understanding of the past and explore the rich history of human civilization through these intriguing and enlightening subjects.

  • Megalithic and Ancient Technology
  • Alien Gods
  • Curses of Tutankhamun
  • Mayan/Aztec Wisdom
  • Hermetic Egypt
  • Ancient Stones

It’s incredible to think about all the knowledge we have about the world, but have you ever considered the endless possibilities of what we have yet to uncover? The mysteries that still remain unexplained are just as fascinating as what we already know. From ancient civilizations to bizarre natural wonders, the world is brimming with secrets waiting to be explored. See David Hatcher Childress at the Annual A.R.E Ancient Mysteries Conference to explore the unknown.

To see a full list of speakers and to purchase tickets, visit the A.R.E Ancient Mysteries Conference website