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Goings On Around the Clubhouse

Old world travel

Summer has arrived at the Arizona clubhouse and the hot days have begun. It was a rainy spring in Kempton but the cold days are gone. The bathroom in the Atlantis room of the Kempton clubhouse has been completely redone with a walk-in shower, and all the beds at the clubhouse have new mattresses. We are ready for visitors!

I had a good time speaking at the Sierra Vista UFO Conference on May 10 and 11 at the Huachuca City Community Center in southern Arizona. I gave an all-new presentation centering on the research I did for my latest four books on the persisting influence of the Fourth Reich.

We are having an autograph party at the Kempton bookstore on Saturday, June 15. Come and enjoy the bookstore and other friends of Adventures Unlimited for a fun afternoon.

I will be at the Ancient Civilizations Conference in Boulder, Colorado being held August 17 and 18. They say that its purpose is to “Uncover humanity’s roots and a history we’re not taught in school with the world’s top Ancient Civilizations experts.” Check it out at:

I am scheduled to speak at the Skinwalker Ranch PhenomeCon Event from September 4 through 7 in Vernal, Utah. My Ancient Aliens Live castmembers William Henry, Nick Pope, and Travis Taylor will also be there. Check it out at:

I will also be speaking the Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia on October 3 to 6. The conference press says: Uncover Earth’s Secrets, Discover the fascinating realms of ancient knowledge. Friends Hugh Newman, Jim Vieira and John Van Auken will be there as well. Check it out at:

Ancient Aliens is now filming a new season. There are more Ancient Aliens Live dates coming up in 2024 including shows in Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida and New York. Get your tickets at:

The live tour is taking up a lot of time in certain months, but we still want to get a WEX trip in this year. Our next trips may to be Peru or Kathmandu and Tibet. Check out future trips at:

The bookstore in Illinois is open so take a drive in the country on the next nice day and visit. Stop in to browse and play one of the pinball machines like the new Foo Fighters game.

My newest book, Vril: Secrets of the Black Sun, is now available. It is packed with new information about the postwar Reich and has an 8-page color section. Get a copy today! My recent book, The Bigfoot Files: The Reality of Bigfoot in North America, contains the latest in bigfoot activity. It includes the Bigfoot FBI files and also has an 8-page color section.

Adventures Unlimited and the World Explorers Club now have several YouTube channels. The channels have lots of fascinating documentaries, lectures, Indiana Jones-type movies, and other videos, and it is free to become a subscriber. Most of our movies and trailers are now at the Retro Drive-In website with its movie posters, free movies, rare action serials and more.

We are adding movies and trailers all the time, so it’s a good way to while away a few hours if you are snowbound at home or on a tramp steamer bound for some obscure port. You can access all of this using our Retro Drive-In website at

For all you cryptozoologists and bigfoot fans, we also have a bigfoot and monster movie site: This site has heaps of bigfoot and various cryptid movies to watch for free, plus the latest bigfoot news and other fun stuff. Watch them on your tablet after a hard day of legend tripping!

Check out the original Adventures Unlimited channel with documentaries, lectures and more at YouTube and start watching today!

We also have web pages that are meant to bring pinball enthusiasts, buyers and sellers together. Have a look at for our top-20 pinball list and other pages. Buy a pinball for your game room! The X-Files game is for sale!

Our Hawaii WEX manager, Zach Royer, is minding the store at WEX Club Hawaii, Kona Inn Shopping Village, 75-5744 Ali’i Drive, Ste 63, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740. Phone: (808) 238-2264.

You can catch Zach ( at Kona Stories every Saturday from 10am-1pm. Book a healing island vortex tour, historical ghost tour or personal guide services and learn about the secrets and mysteries of Hawaii with Royer the Explorer!

Our affiliated bookstore in Australia is the Nexus Bookstore at 51 Maple Street in Maleny, Queensland. They have a full range of Adventures Unlimited books and other products. Visit them when you are in the area! The Adventures Unlimited office in Kempton is also the USA office for Nexus magazine. Get a subscription today! Have a look at the magazine and bookstore at:

WEX Manager Govinda Panta in Kathmandu is ready to book your adventure in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or Sikkim. Whether you would like a day tour of the temples of Kathmandu or a weeks-long trek in the mountains, Govinda’s your guy! Meanwhile, he has asked us to help him support porters and guides in Nepal who are out of work and looking desperately to make money to feed their families. A little money goes a long way in Nepal and if you would like to help Govinda and his guides and porters, even with a small donation, please go to: Find out about the latest news and expeditions offered by Govinda and Adventure Pilgrims Trekking at or give them a call at: 977-985-107-7190. Get our popular WEX Kathmandu T-shirt from the Wexmart pages.

As always, keep a keen eye out for possible World Explorers Club future establishments—you will help spread the fun of discovering the mysteries of our fabulous world! Is there a WEX clubhouse to be acquired in your town? Be sure to contact us with any ideas about starting a retail outlet or clubhouse!

Also, send in your classified ad; remember up to 25 words are free for WEX members. We are always looking for stories or links to the latest news, so send those in, too! I also have my own web domain and you can check it out here: So, grab a cold beverage and set up the lawn chairs to sit with the latest issue of World Explorer! David Hatcher Childress, Founder, World Explorers Club