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Are you interested in buying, selling, or trading Pinball games? Visit Pinball Trader, designed to bring pinball enthusiasts, buyers and sellers together. Have a look at for our top-20 pinball list and other pages. Buy a pinball for your game room! The X-Files game is for sale!

If you’re interested in trading used pinball games, David Hatcher Childress founded Pinball Trader as a trading post for pinball enthusiasts. Check out the articles, games, and photo galleries! 

Recent Pinball games have become increasingly complex and multiple play modes, multi-level playfields, and even progression through a rudimentary "plot" have become common features in recent games. Pinball scoring objectives can be quite complex and require a series of targets to be hit in a particular order. Recent pinball games are distinguished by increasingly complex rule sets that require a measure of strategy and planning by the player for maximum scoring.