February 13th – 27th, 2019 — Join the World Explorers Club on a 14-day expedition to the mysterious ancient ruins of the Andes.

May 31st-June 3rd 2019, Indian Wells, CA – Thousands are anticipated to arrive for Contact in the Desert, the world’s largest UFO conference, and interest is booming as the world reacts to recently...

June 21–23, 2019, in Los Angeles, California, AlienCon 2019 is assembling an unparalleled lineup of authors, scientists, archaeologists, and fan favorites from Ancient Aliens® and beyond to discuss the unexplained mysteries surrounding ancient civilizations, extraterrestrial life, paranormal theory, and so much more.

JULY 19-20, 2019 UK —Truth seekers from all around the world are watching the UKs push for Disclosure like never before. Europe has never seen an event like this grow so quickly with an incredible cast of respected researchers, spiritual figures & ufologist seeking their place within the Awakening.

December 10, 2019—Sail with David Hatcher Childress and Giorgio Tsoukalos to Antarctica. We will fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then fly to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. From there we will embark on the double-hulled exploration ship and spend five full days in Antarctica with lots of shore excursions. All meals and drinks are included in the package. Lots of special presentations will be given by me and others on this cruise.

Adventures Unlimited sponsors the World Explorers Club Ancient Mysteries Conference. This annual one day event is usually held twice a year, in one of two locations: Adventures Unlimited Bookstore, 1 Adventure Place Kempton IL, and at Adventure Unlimited Books, on 1020 N. Main Street Cottonwood, AZ.