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Vril: Secrets of the Black Sun

Latest Book: Vril: Secrets of the Black Sun

My newest book, Vril: Secrets of the Black Sun, is now available. It is packed with new information about the postwar Reich and has an 8-page color section. Get a copy today!

David Childress, popular author and star of the History Channel show Ancient Aliens, unveils the amazing story of the German flying disks designed and built during WWII. It was not until 1989 that a German researcher named Ralf Ettl, living in London, received an anonymous packet of photographs and documents concerning the planning and development of at least three types of unusual craft—including the Vril, Haunebu and Andromeda. Ettl went on to make several television documentaries based on the material in the packet and released most of the documents and photos to researchers in Austria and other parts of Europe. Childress reveals numerous secrets of the Black Sun in this final volume in his series about the Fourth Reich. He discusses the buildup of the extra-territorial Reich, the rise of the SS and the fact that the SS never surrendered; after the war, they had secret submarines operating in Antarctica and Argentina. Childress explores secrets of the Vril craft, and explains the Marconi connection to the whole business. He also reveals the clandestine operations of ODESSA, SPECTRE, and British Intelligence in South America. This volume closes with how the SS operates today in the Ukraine and how the Wagner second in command, Dimitry Utkin, killed in the fiery crash of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s private jet between Moscow and St. Petersburg in August 2023, had SS tattoos on his shoulders and often signed his name with the SS runes. Fascinating material throughout! Includes an 8-page color section. Over 120 photographs and diagrams. 

VRIL: SECRETS OF THE BLACK SUN By David Childress. 336 Pages. 6x9 Paperback. Illustrated. Color Section. Bibliography.

Price: $22.00
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