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Professor Wexler

Professor wexler A Field Guide to Gods and Cryptids of the Outer EdgeFrom the pages of WORLD EXPLORER magazine comes this zany, wacky compilation of cartoons, pulp-era parodies, and comics featuring the never-ending escapades of the intrepid Professor Wexler—a bespectacled, unshaven, unabashed adventurer—into the fringes of the unknown and weird. It includes all of the original cartoons, plus a new feature-length comic of the Professor, and an introduction by WORLD EXPLORER editor and Lost Cities author David Hatcher Childress. With a pipe clenched in his teeth, the ever-resilient professor encounters everything from Bigfoot, UFOs, and the Loch Ness Monster to the dangerous jungles, deserts and denizens of the remote parts of the world. Professor Wexler is a Doc Savage-Indiana Jones character who lives on the edge of life, and one never knows what sort of predicament he will be in next. Includes a full length graphic novel of the latest exploits.

PROFESSOR WEXLER, WORLD EXPLORER: A Field Guide to Gods and Cryptids of the Outer Edge, by Charles Berlin, Introduction by David Hatcher Childress. 136 pages. 8x11 Paperback. Illustrated, color, and foreword. BUY A COPY TODAY!

Professor wexler to the ends of the earthWily explorer and researcher Professor Wexler is pitted against a nefarious secret society known as T.H.E.M. (The High Enlightened Masters) and their attempted acquisition of the mysterious Mesopotamian artifact known as the “Tablet of Destiny,” a legendary relic rumored to have the power to open a long lost gateway between worlds. But the tablet has been broken into pieces and scattered to the Ends of the Earth! Wexler and his oddball crew are in a chase around the world to locate the lost pieces of the tablet before T.H.E.M. does! It’s Professor Wexler at his best, straight from the pages of World Explorer magazine. A zany mix of adventure and the occult that can’t be missed! All Color. TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: With Professor Wexler, World Explorer By Chas Berlin. 140 pages. 8x11 Paperback. Illustrated. All Color. BUY A COPY TODAY!