May 15th – 28th, 2021
14 DAYS with David Hatcher Childress

Join the World Explorers Club on a 14-day expedition to the exotic worlds of Honduras and the highlands of Guatemala with David Hatcher Childress and the World Explorers Club!

Day 1: (May 15): Fly from any major destination in the USA to Guatemala City. We gather at Houston International airport and fly overnight to Guatemala City landing early in the morning. We transfer to the Radisson Hotel & Suites.

Day 2: (May 16): In the afternoon we visit the National Archeology Museum, packed with fascinating Olmec and Mayan artifacts. Overnight at the Radisson Hotel & Suites.

Day 3: (May 17): We depart Guatemala City in our private bus and drive to the border with Honduras. We cross the border (no visa required) and enter Honduras. The town of Copan is right on the border and we go directly to the hotel for an overnight. Overnight at the Hotel Marina Copan.

Day 4: (May 18): We spend the entire day exploring the amazing Mayan city of Copan, famous for its well-preserved artwork, pyramids, hieroglyphic stairway and elephant statues. Overnight at the Hotel Marina Copan.

Day 5: (May 19): We depart by bus for Guatemala City after breakfast and arrive in the afternoon. Overnight at the Radisson Hotel & Suites.

Day 6: (May 20): We depart in our private bus for La Democracia in the Escuintla department of Guatemala. It is most notable for the Olmec-influenced carved stone heads from the Monte Alto culture now on display around the town square. The town possesses a small archaeological museum, the Museo Regional de Arqueología de la Democracia. Overnight at Hotel Internacional II CA2, Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa.

Day 7: May 21): All day tour of the Olmec sites around Democracia including the El Baul farm with dozens of megalithic Olmec statues. Overnight at Hotel Internacional II CA2, Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa.

Day 8: (May 22): We depart for the town of Retalhuleu, further to the west along the mountain-coastal road. This part of Guatemala is sparsely populated and is famous for it green hills and valleys. Overnight at the Hotel y Bungalows El Jardin Retalhuleu.

Day 9: (May 23): We depart for a full-day trip to Tak'alik Ab'aj, an early Olmec-Mayan city currently being excavated by Guatemalan archeologists. Overnight at the Hotel y Bungalows El Jardin Retalhuleu.

Day 10: (May 24): We depart for an all day drive to the town of Santa Cruz del Quiche in the highlands of Guatemala via Quetzaltenango. This drive takes us through lush green hills, forests, Quiche Mayan villages and farms that dot this heartland of Guatemala. Overnight at the Hotel Santa Cruz del Quiche.

Day 11: (May 25): Full day in Santa Cruz del Quiche to explore the ancient town and the ruins of the Mayan Pyramid city of Utatlán, including its tunnels. Overnight at the Hotel Santa Cruz del Quiche.

Day 12: (May 26): We depart for picturesque Antigua, the old capital of Guatemala before a volcanic eruption. We arrive late afternoon at our hotel near the active main plaza.

Day 13: (May 27): We depart in the late morning for the short drive back to Guatemala City. Overnight at the Radisson Hotel & Suites. Final night in Guatemala with dinner at the local pizzeria next to the Radisson. The WEX foosball championship was held here in 2016.

Day 14: (May 28): We fly back to the USA via Houston or Miami. Tour ends.

Note: Bus trips inside Guatemala and Honduras are included. Breakfasts are included. All other meals and drinks are excluded. No visas are required for citizens of Canada or the USA. This trip is limited to 12 persons, due to the size of the bus.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we will be wearing masks on our flights and during check-in at hotels. Because of our small group we will not need to wear masks on our private bus or at our dinner tables. We will be following all of the latest Covid-19 updates and recommendations while on this trip to countries with low rates of infection.

If you would like to make an optional, 3-day trip to Tikal in Guatemala’s far north, let us know.


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