Goings On Around the Clubhouse

The days are starting to heat up at the Arizona clubhouse and “summer” is just a week or two away. A mini-tornado hit the Arizona clubhouse in late march and was so forceful that it snapped a 40-foot pine tree on the edge of the yard. Fortunately it did not land on any cars or structures but it was an awesome example of the tremendous power of Mother Nature and the weather—and, yes—Arizona does get tornadoes. Hopefully the blustery spring weather won’t bring any tornadoes across the Kempton estate. I will be speaking at a book signing sponsored by the Cottonwood (AZ) Public Library on April 29. The event will take place at the Cottonwood Recreational Center across the street from the library as it can accommodate larger numbers of people, and we expect a good turnout. The event starts at 1 pm, and there will be snacks and mingling after the signing. We’ll proceed to the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore on Main Street later in the afternoon, and quite likely end up at Kactus Kate’s watering hole across the street. Join us!

We will have an open house and author party at the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore in Kempton, Illinois on Saturday, June 10. I will be there signing copies of my new book, The Lost World of Cham, and giving a short presentation on the subject. John Brandenburg from Madison, Wisconsin and Kenn Thomas from St. Louis have also been invited to promote their latest books. There will lots of guests from all over the Midwest and drinks and snacks will be served. Lunch and dinner can be had at Tom’s Tavern across the street and a splendid time is guaranteed for all! Take a drive to Kempton on Saturday, June 10! Check it out HERE on our events page.

Unfortunately, the April 22, 2017, Aurora Alien Encounter festival has been cancelled for this year. Tune in for the latest news at: www.auroratexas.gov

The new Ancient Aliens episodes will begin on April 21 on the History Channel. It was great fun doing Season 10. There will probably be another season next year. Lots of great new episodes will be shown over the next five months. I will be part of a cruise organized by the non-profit organization Bridging Heaven and Earth in the Adriatic Sea with Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens and Megalithomania director Hugh Newman. The cruise starts in the Croatian port of Dubrovnik on September 2 and concludes on September 9, 2017. The Dalmatian Coast is absolutely breathtaking, and there’s lots of free time built into the schedule for shore trips. Check out the full itinerary at: http://www.heaventoearth.com/cruises

I will be a speaker at the Earth-Keeper conference in Little Rock, Arkansas from November 17 to 20. Old friends Graham Hancock and John Van Auken will be there as well, along with the amazing James Tyberonn and over 20 other speakers. Arkansas is the quartz crystal capital of the United States and a large number of large crystals and crystal skulls, etc. will be on display or for sale. Check it out at: http://www.earth-keeper.com/products_categories/events/

The latest affiliated bookstore is the Nexus Bookstore at 10 Coral Street in Maleny, Queensland, Australia. They have a full range of Adventures Unlimited books and other products. Check them out when you are in the area! The Adventures Unlimited office in Kempton is also the new USA office for Nexus Magazine. Check out the magazine and bookstore at: www.nexusmagazine.com

We had a great time on our Peru expedition starting on February 25. We flew to Lima and went by bus to Nazca and Paracas where we flew over the famous Nazca Lines and investigated the strange elongated skulls found in the area. Then we flew to magical Cuzco to see the many megalithic structures there. We concluded with the train journey to Machu Picchu and then we all back to Lima and the USA. Jennifer and I went to Cajamarca and Trujillo in northern Peru and almost got caught up in the flooding that went on there starting in mid-March. See more upcoming events on the WEX Events page.

I had a good time speaking about giants, bigfoot and yetis at a forum with Phoenix MUFON on January 14. See more about this active organization at: http://www.phoenixmufon.com/welcome.html

Last November we had our expedition to Gunung Padang on the Indonesian island of Java. We flew to Bangkok and then to Jakarta and on to the wonderful island of Bali. Check out the story in the latest issue of WEX!

Good news for all of our Pacific beachcomber friends and island hoppers: our new WEX Club affiliated store has begun operations in Hawaii. So, drop in at the new Hawaii WEX Club run by member Zach Royer! Located on the Big Island at: WEX Club Hawaii, 75-6129 Ali’i Drive, Kailua Kona, HI 96740. Phone: (808) 238-2264. View the Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/wexclubhawaii/ or go to: www.kahunaresearchgroup.org/wexclub-hawaii

My new book, The Lost World of Cham, was released in February. Refer to the Adventures Unlimited Press pages on how to order the book. I also wrote the Foreword to Chas Berlin’s new book about Professor Wexler: To the Ends of the Earth. Check it out at the Adventures Unlimited Press online bookstore.

After consulting Mike Migliore, who runs WEX Club Cruises, we are changing the date for our 11-day expedition to Antarctica to December 2018. Stand by for exact dates. We will fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and then fly to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. From there we will embark on a double-hulled exploration ship and spend five full days in Antarctica with lots of shore excursions. All meals and drinks are included in the package. Lots of special presentations will be given by me and others on this cruise. This might be the time to cross Antarctica off your bucket list! Check out the web pages at: www.wexclubcruises.com

The Adventures Unlimited bookstore in Cottonwood, Arizona, is doing great and has its own facebook page. As noted above, we will be ending up there after the booksigning on April 27—it’s a great time to visit the bookstore. Please make plans to attend. Keep checking for the latest news on facebook or at the bookstore’s web pages (www.adventuresunlimitedbooks.com). The store is at 1020 N. Main Street so drop by whenever you are in the Sedona-Cottonwood-Jerome area, or give the staff a call at: 928-639-1664.

The Frontier bookshop in Amsterdam is now going by the name of Frontier World. The shop is in the Jordaan district of the city near the Singel canal. It’s within walking distance of Centraal, the main train station, so definitely stop by when visiting the fascinating city on the Amstel! The address is: Marnixstraat 82, 1015 VX Amsterdam. Tel: (+34) 020-330-9151. Have a virtual visit at their website: www.frontierworld.nl/bookshop.

Tourism in Nepal saw a big bounce in 2016, good news for WEX Manager Govinda Panta. We are thinking of increasing the 2017 numbers, maybe taking a trip there this fall. Join us, and help infuse some tourist dollars into the economy, or go when convenient for you. Govinda can make trekking arrangements and any other travel plans. Find out about the latest news and expeditions offered by Govinda and Adventure Pilgrims Trekking at www.trekinepal.com or give them a call at: 977-975-107-7190. Get our popular WEX Kathmandu T-shirt from the Wexmart pages at www.wexclub.com.

As always, keep a keen eye out for possible World Explorers Club future establishments—are you destined to help spread the fun of discovering the mysteries of our fabulous world? Is there a WEX clubhouse to be acquired in your town? Be sure to contact us with any ideas about starting a retail outlet or clubhouse!

Also, send in your classified ad; remember up to 25 words are free for WEX members. We are always looking for stories or news clippings, so send those in, too! I also have my own web domain and you can check it out here: www.DavidHatcherChildress.com. So, have a seat on the back porch with your favorite beverage and enjoy the new issue of World Explorer!

David Hatcher Childress, Founder, World Explorer

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